Patrick Rafferty

Classical Guitarist


Dear PArents and Students,

I hope you're all enjoying your summer so far. Here's a bit of information about guitar lessons this summer. 

1. The summer session will be six lessons. These lessons will all take place on Tuesdays beginning June 19th and ending July 31st. We will not meet on July 3rd. 

2. I will be able to meet for lessons as early as 1230 and encourage you to consider an earlier time if that would work for you.

I hope that my teaching schedule will allow all of you to continue with lessons through the summer. Typically, summer schedules allow for more practice time. Furthermore, this shorter 6 week session is a great opportunity to explore some new musical options. One idea that I would like to try would be working with groups of students on pieces for 2-4 guitars. If this is appealing to any of you please let me know and we can discuss it more in depth.

When you have a chance, please text me your plans, whether you will or will not be enrolling for summer lessons. I would prefer to have the six lessons paid for in advance. I do realize that some of you have paid ahead from the spring and of course that will be figured into the summer session payment.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this, and know that I am ultra appreciative of your support through the weeks/semester/years. Everyone has improved so much and I look forward to the future! if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or text.