Patrick Rafferty

Classical Guitarist


Dear PArents and Students,

Happy New Year! 

It has been a exciting month. There have been a few developments that will impact my teaching in Jackson this spring. First off, Jill and I had our first child on the 21st, Neal Patrick Gabriel is doing great! I also accepted a teaching position at Saint Louis University that will begin later this month. 

These two big developments are absolutely going to require that I reassess my teaching schedule. Besides my lessons with all of you,  I also have commitments at SEMO, SLU and Webster University.   

It is my intention to continue teaching on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in Jackson and plan to start the week of January 15th. I am in a situation where accommodating everyone is going to take some patience and clever scheduling. To this end:

1. Please take a moment to consider your Spring schedule and other activities that may impact guitar lessons. I am happy to work with all of your schedules, but really want to avoid unexpected absences. *Please do plan to make lesson payments on a monthly basis.

2. At your earliest convenience let me know via text what your plans are for lessons this Spring. Also, does your current day/time still work? If not, what time on a Tuesday or Wednesday would best fit your schedule? 

3. I have several students that are waiting for openings. As soon as I get my returning students scheduled I'll begin scheduling all the new students.

Thank you all for being part of my guitar world for so long! I'm looking forward to including all of you in the new developments that will be part of my life!

See you all soon,